Real Estate

This is a very broad area of the law, but one that we have well covered. The Memphis Law Group attorneys, Marc Diaz, Greg Ziskind, Robin Hogue-Hughes, Kevin Hudson, Stephen Johnson and David Pool all have experience in real estate transactions and other matters.

Our practice areas include:

  • real estate closings (residential and commercial),
  • landlord and tenant issues such as evictions and FEDs,
  • foreclosures,
  • loan workouts,
  • investor representation (international and domestic)
  • homeowner’s associations,
  • mechanic’s liens.

We have several real estate episodes on our podcast – give them a listen and send us an email if you have an issue that you’d like to discuss.

Listen to the Lawyer Straight Talk Show using the web player below or your podcasting medium of choice, here’s the link to our show on iTunes and here’s the link to our show on Stitcher.

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