How To Legally Change Your Name

Do you know who these people are:

  1. Peter Hernandez?
  2. Mark Vincent?
  3. Isidore Demsky?

You probably do know who they are – you just don’t know them by that name.

Do you like your name? Would you rather have a different name (I’d like to be called Achilles but that’s just too much pressure to live up to)? ¬†Or maybe you felt rushed at the hospital when you had your child and now you’d like to give your child a different name.

In this episode we are discussing how to legally change your name with Memphis attorney Kevin Hudson.


  • who is not eligible to change their name,
  • what kind of documents you need to initiate the process,
  • how much does it cost and how long does it take.

Here’s what you learn from reading this far – the answers above are: 1 – Bruno Mars, 2 – Vin Diesel, 3 – Kirk Douglas (he’s an old movie star for you youngsters).

If you would to hire Kevin you can find his contact information <<here>>.

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